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Moroccan Air Race (Principia Moderni III Map Game)

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The First Moroccan Air Race was a regional competition held in the coastal city of El Jadida, Morocco and shows between 2 November and 28 November 1915, hosted by the Moroccan government. Of participated 12 pilots teamed up in 6 teams from other regions of Morocco will show these 6 planes to fly around city of El Jadida and its surrounding cities. The contestants will start and complete the race on El Jadida airport, which these points hasn't refueling stations. Once the final race between two races is over, the Air Race ends and the winner of the Air Race will granted as heroes of Moroccan sky and are participated as pilots of Moroccan team in the International Air Race in 1916. The winner of the Moroccan Air Race was Anir Jaddid (Abdullah al-Jaddid) and Udad Jaddid of his team The Jaddids and should go into International Air Race on 26 December 1915.

Participating teams

Every teams contains name of two pilots, province, region and principality where pilots lives and language where pilots speaks. Totally, there are 12 pilots teamed up in six various teams.

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