Timeline: Unknown Landmass (Map Game)
[[Image:flag of selio,
Tribe flag
No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

our blood is the earth's blood (Greek)

Capital Reisorn
Largest city Reisorn
Other cities Ryon (port)
Language Greek
Religion earth's blood
Ethnic Group Morgsons
Government The Morgens


The nation of Selio, or the Sons of Morg, as they were originally known, populate the north east side of the continent, and are centered at the capital city of Pemmel, in the shadow of the Volcano Reisorn which they believe is holy, and held in great reverence.


The Selio speak something along the lines of Greek, with their own alphabet. The country is ruled by the Morgens, different noble families, all descended from the great prophet Morg. Most average Selio focus on agriculture such as wheat or olives or passion fruit, with only the rich eating meat. Fowl and fish, however, are very often eaten, and seafood as a whole is considered a delicacy. Recently, a middle class has begun to develop, made up of scholars and other practitioners of the arts


Selio is ruled by one of the Morgen houses who have a council with a representative from each family. but, as the Morgsons are a very religious people, the high priest is said to have just as much power as the Morgens. Then comes the middle class, made up of musicians scholars and master craft people, such as jewelers or stone masons, then comes the base class who are often illiterate, and spend most of their lives farming, fishing, and generally working the land. Below even them are the forsaken, criminals, bandits or other people who have broken the law and are put to unpaid labour because of it.


The priests of the earth's blood began when Morg first led the Selio to the volcano and have been part of their culture ever since. Their religion states that they are the chosen people, and while other humans may have been made by earth or ice, they were made from lava (the earth's blood). It is their duty to spread their people far and wide, to protect the earth's precious blood and give it the reverence it deserves.


Because the Morgens (nobility) are only permitted to marry other Morgens they have developed a unique physical change supposedly stemming from their forefather Morg. All pure-blood Morgens have very long brittle fingers and each finger has an extra joint. Normal fingers have four and thumbs have three.

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