Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman
Portrait of Morgan Freeman

President of the United States
January 20, 2005 – January 20, 2013

Predecessor Al Gore
Successor Mike Huckabee
Born June 1, 1937
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Spouse Myrna Colley-Lee
Political Party Liberal

Morgan Freeman was the President of the United States and a politician.

Freeman's parents fled to Pennsylvania to escape persecution in the Confederacy. Freeman entered politics to help support the civil rights acts of the 1960s and help represent blacks in the American government. Freeman is very charismatic with a deep, smooth voice that made his speeches very popular on the radio and television. Freeman became a senator in Pennsylvania, and later would represent the Liberal Party in the presidential election in 2004. With a booming economy under the Liberals, Freeman won in a landslide, becoming the first black president of the United States.

Freeman continued his predecessor's policies with welfare and other plans for the poor. On the foreign side, he authorized US military involvement in the growing conflicts in the Middle East, and increased the American presence following attacks on several US embassies and the terrorist attack on Philadelphia in 2009. He also negotiated an end to the Balkans War in 2010. Winning re-election in 2008, the economy entered a slump, and the Nationalists finally won back power in Congress in 2010. Freeman hoped to entice voters by ending the reunification with the Confederacy, adding the final two states in 2011. Unfortunately, these states along with the rest of the south would vote the Liberals out of the presidency in 2012.