The margraviate of Moravia had traditionally been a part of the Przemyslid realms and stood a bit in the shadow of the kingdom of Bohemia.

Its history started to diverge when no Mongols ravaged it in 1241/42. Further changes came in 1253: After the death of Vaclav I, his younger son Otakar Przemysl demanded a share too, so he got Moravia, while his brother Vladislav inherited Bohemia.

1301-08, Moravia fought together with the Teutonic Order, Bohemia and the HRE under king Otto IV of Brandenburg against Poland and acquired a part of Silesia as spoils of war.

In 1336 however, an intrafamilial contract of the Przemyslids was made: King Otakar I of Bohemia got Moravia and all of Silesia, while Wenzel II of Carinthia acquired Austria. Now, the Czech-speaking lands were united again.

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