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Timeline: Great Nuclear War

OTL equivalent: Buzzard's Bay
MoorsbayFlag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem "Song of the Moors"
Language Moorish
Ethnic Group Moors
Demonym Moorsbayer
Government Elected Council
Population ~1,000,000 
Established 1972
Currency Cuttah
Moorsbay is a Moorish settlement in Buzzard's Bay. It is one of the Largest Moorish Cities, and is an important trade city on the East Coast.


In 1972, Moorish Settlers founded a small trading outpost near the Water, shipping fish and salt inland, and shipping copper, lumber, and furs outward. As new merchants came, the City grew naturally, and trade with other city states became the bread and butter of it's people. Eventually other Moors attempted to conquer the City many times, and Moorsbay's defense grew exponentially, until it was surrounded by two 50 foot walls, and having an all-citizens guard equipped with some of the best weapons.

Historical Accounts

One Major historical account of early Moorsbay is "Cha Tales Ah Moorsbay". It is unknown who wrote the short novel, as it has been transcribed many times. The original copy is written upon clothe scrolls in Moors Script, and kept in the Historical Vaults of Yale at the behest of Moorish Historical Enthusiasts. Many copies have been made in this fashion, though in New Yonkers, bound books are printed and shipped to all manner of locations, in Moorish, English, and Russian.

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