A list of the various planets, and their moons. These are only in our system (the Sol System).


First colonized by New Westphalia in 1929. The entire surface is a rocky, barren land much like Earth's moon. Its first primary use to New Westphalia was the Solar Power it could easily get from it. Mercury has no moons, and is entirely colonized by New Westphalia.


Venus is made primarily of acidic gases, and thus it is covered in floating cities. Most of these are designed to harvest Carbon Dioxide. Venus has been claimed by Turkey since 1928, and most of its population are either Turkish or Swedish of origin.


Nicknamed "The Red Planet", Mars was first colonized by Japan in 1903. Its surface is covered in red, dusty, and rusty rocks. It is still a Japanese colony. There are two moons orbiting Mars,


Phobos is the larger and closer of the two moons of Mars. It was first colonized by Japan in 1908.


Deimos may be smaller, but its entire surface is incredibly smooth, giving it many advantages. Japan colonized it a year after Phobos was colonized.

Astroid Belt

Unclaimed, but inhabited by over 300,000 Swedes, French, Albions, and Louisianns, mainly concentrated in Ceres. It is the single largest exporter of minerals. It is jointly controlled by the government of Louisiana and Sweden.


Jupiter is one of the Gas Giants in the Sol System, and thus could not be colonized. However, there are countless moons and three of them have been colonized.


Louisiana first claimed Callisto in 1919, though it was a few years before a real form of Government was there. Callisto has the largest population of Jupiter's moons, with a population of 90,000. It is rich in minerals, and has a solid crust.


Claimed by Albion, it has around 30,000 colonists, and is a major manufacturing facility. It is Albion's only territory in Space.


Because of near Earth-like qualities (water, a clean atmosphere that can naturally grow plants taken from Earth) , entire wars have been fought over Ganymede. It is rich in salt, and water. As of recently, it under control of Turkey.

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