Have you ever thought what would happen if a comet hit the moon? Well, here's an example of that.


On December 21 2012 a huge object most likely to be a comet heads towards the moon. The impact causes a huge shock wave that spreads out for 86 miles. More than that, it causes the moon to break up into five or six pieces. Several countries around the world notice that event and widespread panic begins. As scientists across the globe try to figure out a way to stop it and others make shelter for themselves. It is clear now that Doomsday has come.

December 22 2012 CNN, FOX and other news channels report the event. Many people around the world are shocked by the event that happened and start to make plans for shelters. Meanwhile, NASA and other space committees try to understand what could've caused the event and how to stop it.

December 23 2012 Seattle, Los Angeles, New York and several other cities experience 7.5 earthquakes. Causing a 10,000,000,000 dollar damage and 50,000 people's lives.

December 24 2012 Over 10% of the world population has made bomb shelters. The US, Russia, China and other countries start making a spaceship which will launch a normalizer missile into the moon's core, which then will explode and the shock wave will stabilize the moon thus saving the earth.

December 25 2012 Over 15% of the world population has made bomb shelters. Floods go out of control as the broken pieces of the moon begin to cause effects on earth. Meanwhile, NASA and other space committees are already finishing the spaceship.

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