After the Montreal Royals collapse in 1960 the city still craved a baseball team but this time a major league team.Before the events of Expo 67' a club was created called fittingly just that.


The Expos would develop some heroes over the years Rusty Staub,Jesus Alou,Jimmy Williams,Bob Bailey,and Mack Jones to name.a few the Expos would lose almost 400 games in the first 5 seasons but hanging on to many of these names (including Staub) they would gradually get better.In 1974 they would enjoy there second 79 win season.


In 1975 a shocking 2nd place finish led by pitchers Denis Blair,Steve Rodgers,and Dave Mcnally and hitters Ellis Valentine,Gary carter Rusty Staub in his(Final Montreal season) and Lance Parrish has attendance rates hitting new highs and from 1976-1978 Les Expos would gradually would grow in talent.In 1979 a Bert Blyleven a great starting pitcher for the Pittsburgh pirates was injured and the last thoughts of the pirates getting to the postseason were gone.A remarkable comeback in the 1979 NLCS the Expos(who clinched the eastern division over the Pirates) were down 2 games to nothing would come back and win the series over the Cincinnati reds.In the world series they would down the Baltimore Oriels 4 games to 2 with Jeff Reardon getting Rick Dempsey to fly out to Warren Cromartie to end the 1980 Mike Schmidt is hit by a pitch in the head in late September ,thus he never hits the home run that eliminates the Expos.The Expos defeat the Astros in 5 games in the championship series,and would go on to defeat the Royals in 6 games in the world series with Reardon once again getting the save.The next season would be one that would see the Expos Win there third straight World Series Defeating the Phillies and Dodgers in 5 games each (Steve Rodgers struck out Rick Monday).They would then dispatch the Yankees in 6 games in the World Series.The Wild Card was here to stay but only that each division east and west would have 2 teams progress to the playoffs 1982 would see a year of disappointment losing out to the Cinderella braves by one game. 1983-1994

1983 would see a year of disappointment as the Expos would not even make the playoffs.In 1984-1991 the Expos would continue this trend just missing out by a game in 1987.In 1992 the Expos would clinch a eastern wild card birth but would bow out to the NL champions braves this same scenario happened the next year but in 1994 a much needed realignment (the same one that actually happened in 1994)had the Expos clinch another wild card.With a win over the Dodgers in the NLDS and a hard fought win over there rivals braves in the NLCS.The Expos would win the 1994 World Series 4 games to 3 over the Cleveland Indians.

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