The Montpelier Conference was the assembly of delegates of the Allies of the Third World War in June 1951
250px-Vermont State House front

The Vermont State House, building where the conference was held.

to discuss the possibility to establish peace with the Soviet Union. The Eastern Bloc had made great gains in the Alaskan and German fronts, and France, Britain, and most Commonwealth realms (with the exception of Canada) supported a negotiated peace. However, the United States and Canada both pressured for the war to continue, as both had been directly attacked, with the Soviet forces in Canada at the time.

Ultimately, the Commonwealth and France won out, and soon the allies were negotating with the Eastern Bloc at the Sao Paulo Peace Accords. The failure of the Montpelier conference to continue hostilities led to Harry S. Truman to have the United States withdraw from NATO.

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