The Monteleón dynasty was a Castillian noble family that acquired great swaths of land during the Castillian conquest of Morocco in the 15th century.

Their great hour came in 1628 when the Triple Monarchy of England-Castille-Portugal fell apart. During this chaotic time, their head Francisco managed to be accepted as Moroccan king by the Cortes of Morocco.

In 1634, the Castillian Civil War ended with the proclamation of the new state of Spain under the Aliaga dynasty. 1639, Maria, the princess of Spain and future queen (her father Alfonso XII had no son) married the king of Morocco (who was not acknowledged by Spain). While Francisco of Monteleón bragged at the beginning how he was going to "bend that weak woman", the contract she negotiated with him at the end gave her actually the possibility to co-govern in Morocco, while he had nothing to say in Spain or its colonies in Atlantis.

List of Monteleón kings of Spain (Chaos)
Name Reign Comment
Héctor I 1675-1737 Defeated France in the anti-French War, acquired the lands between Pyrenees and Ebro, plus Portugal in the peace of Amsterdam, thus also becoming Heitor I of Portugal in 1694.
Héctor II 1737-68 Also Heitor II of Portugal
Héctor III 1768-72 Dragged the county into the French Republican Wars. Also Heitor III of Portugal.
Francisco I 1772-91 Second-degree uncle of Héctor III. Francisco II in Morocco, Francisco I in Portugal (until 1784).
Francisco II 1791-93 Francisco III in Morocco. Dragged the county into the third French Republican War.
Conquest of Spain by France; Monteleón dynasty flees to Morocco
Francisco III 1793-99
Héctor I 1799-1840 Cousin of Francisco II of Spain. Also claimant king Héctor IV of Spain.
Conquest of Morocco by New Rome; Monteleón princes imprisoned by Alessandro I

Ludovico of New Rome proclaims kingdom of Andalusia; Monteleón dynasty returns there, on his invitation

Héctor 1863-70 From a sideline (great-grandnephew of Francisco I). Died without issue.
Alfonso 1870-75 Grandson of Héctor I of Morocco. Also died without issue.
Ludovico offers the new throne of Castille to the Monteleóns, who accept

Monteleón kings of Castille

Juan II 1875-87 Brother of Alfonso of Andalusia. Also died without issue.
Alfonso XIII 1887-1919 Third-degree cousin of Juan II. Acquired Galicia and Asturia after World War I.
Juan III 1919-29 Grandnephew of Alfonso XIII. Invaded the Basque country and Catalonia, which made the Socialist Block interfere.
Socialist Block conquers Castille, Monteleóns have to flee to Morocco again

Monteleón kings of Morocco (and claimant kings of Spain)

Juan III 1929-39
Alfonso XIV 1939-93 (present)

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