Montana City is the largest city in the US state of Montana, located directly on the border between the United States and Alaska. It is regarded as a suburb of the Alaskan city of Kialgory, whose city limits it directly borders.

With a population of 114,000, Montana City is the largest city in the state, and is part of the Border Town Metropolitan area, which includes the third and fifth largest Montanan cities, Prairie (96,200) and Cobb (88,500) on either side. The nearby city of Okotoks is sometimes included in this agglomeration. Other large cities such as Lethbridge or Medicine Hat are not typically included as part of this area.

The Montana City International Border Crossing on I-15 is one of the busiest in the world, as thousands of Americans work in Alaska and vice versa. For this reason, the Montana City Gazette is the only American publication to publish both an English and Russian-language edition daily. Montana City is known as an unusually cosmopolitan area in an otherwise rural state, and is regarded as conservative Montana's "liberal oasis." The city is also home to Northern Montana University, located south of downtown on the Bow River.

Geographically, the city is bordered by the Bow River to the east (across which lies Prairie), the US-Alaska International border to the north, unincorporated Bow County to the south, and the city of Cobb to the west.

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