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United Islands of Montaguia
Timeline: Atlantic Islands
MontaguiaFlag CoAMontaguia
Flag Coat of Arms

Three is Better than One (English)

Language English, French
Religion Christianity
Ethnic Group British
Demonym Montaguian, "Montie"
Government Federal republic
  legislature Montaguian Senate
President Maria Zuvela
Vice President Devon Gurel
Population 762, 120 
Established 1608, 1609 (British colonies);
1813 (States of the US);
1815 (Independent union)
Independence from the United States
  declared December 12, 1815
  recognized 1815
Currency Montaguian dollar ($)
Internet TLD .mi
Organizations Atlantic Islands Forum

The United Islands of Montaguia (French: Iles Royaume du Montaguie), commonly known as Montaguia, is an nation comprising of three islands located in the Kelvin Islands.

James Island of Montaguia was originally discovered by British colonists on their way to Jamestown, Virginia. The other two islands, George and Anne Island were discovered a year later. The islands had been considered one colony, however the colonists assumed their own statuses as colonies.

The islands were taken over by the United States in 1813, due to the Atlantic Campaign (Napoleonic Wars), and were united as the Kelvin Territory. Several thousand pro-anarchist island inhabitants had protested and fought the government of the island, plunging it into anarchy for a small amount of time, and the British had intervened to stop the anarchy and to put government back into the islands, something the United States had failed to do. The island was eventually sent to war, leading with the independence of the island.


Government and politics


Montaguia is made up of three states, each of which is one of the three individual islands that make up Montaguia. These include:

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