もののべ  の ふと
物部 布都

Mononobe no Futo
Th135 Futo
Mononobe no Futo in Hopeless Masquerade
Shikaisen from Ancient Japan
More Character Titles
Species Taoist practitioner and Shikaisen
Abilities Manipulation of Feng shui
Age Greater than 1400 years
Occupation N/A
Location Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum, Human Village
Music Themes
  • 大神神話伝

Official Games
  • Ten Desires (Stage five Boss, Stage six Supporting Boss)
  • Hopeless Masquerade (Playable Character)
  • Double Dealing Character (Playable Character)
Print Works
  • Wild and Horned Hermit
  • Symposium of Post-mysticism
  • Forbidden Scrollery

Mononobe no Futo (物部 布都) is one of the newer major characters in the Touhou Project. She made her first appearance in Ten Desires as a stage five boss. From Hopeless Masquerade on, she became a playable character.

General InformationEdit

She is a shikaisen, formerly a hermit, practising Taoism. She possesses the ability to manipulate feng shui.