Mononobe Shogunate
Timeline: The Kazakhstan Meeting
Flag of Mononobe Shogunate Mononobe Crest
Flag Coat of Arms
Mononobe Shogunate location (The Kazakhstan Meeting)
Language Japanese
Religion Shintō, Taoism
Government Feudal military dictatorship
Shogun Mononobe Naoto
Established 600
Currency Japanese Yen

The Mononobe Shogunate is a nation in Vinland. It is bordered by Jiānádà to the north, Louisiana to the east, and Xīkāng to the south.


The Mononobe Shogunate was originally established around OTL Micronesia by the fleeing Mononobe clan who fled Japan in fear of the Chinese expansion. By around 1250, a few members of the clan decided to set sail for new land, eventually discovering Vinland. After hearing the news, the clan decided to relocate to around OTL Los Angeles. Since then, the clan had expanded greatly into the continent.

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