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In OTL, the Mongols (and other Asian Steppe people) were united by Temujin aka Genghis Khan. In TTL, his early death in 1200 prevented their conquest of Russia, China and Persia.

Several years later, his most abled son Ogadai Khan tried to restart the work, albeit with far less success (see: History of the Mongols 1200-1240).

After this far less spectacular rise, the Mongols faded into oblivion again. Only from time to time, an exceptionally able leader would try to achieve what Temujin and Ogadai had planned but failed. So did Ariq-Buqa in the 1370s and 1380s against Choresm and Baraq Khan in the 1410s against China. In 1655, their "capital" Karakorum was conquered by the mighty republic of Novorossiya.

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