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Mongolian Revolution of 2011 (Videri Quam Esse)

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Mongolian Recolution of 2011
Date June 1st, 2011 – September 6th, 2011
Location Mongolia
  • Victory for the Communists in Ulaanbator, Gobi Desert, and other places
Establishment of the People's Republic of Mongolia
Flag of Mongolia Mongolia

Buhhdist Volunteers

Mongolian Khatanate
3,000,000 Communists 2,400,000 Khantanate Loyalists
Casualties and losses
666,666 casualties

The records are incomplete.

At least 666,666 Men.

The Mongolian Revolution of 2011, was a military coup led by communists against the Khan and his loyaliststs to bring an end to his cruel, corrupt, regime.

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