Mongol National Republic
Монгол үндэсний бүгд найрамдах улс
Flag of Mongolia (1911-1921).svg
Largest city Ulaanbaatar
Official languages Mongolian
Demonym Mongol
Government Puppet state
 -  Minister Chairman
 -  Japanese Administrator
 -  Declaration 6 June 1943 
Currency Japanese yen

The Mongolian National Republic, also called the Mongolian Republic, or just simply Mongolia, was a puppet government established by the Japanese after their invasion of Mongolia in 1943. The government was set up under Mongol fascist leaders trusted (at least to some extent) by the Japanese, who also appointed overseers to overview the formation and development of the new Mongol puppet state. The Mongols were generally not trusted by the Japanese, especially since the parties they put in power were supportive and promoting of the Genghis Khan style imperialism.

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