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Mongolian Crisis
From the top left to the bottom right, Soviet artillery shells target militant positions in January 1995. Aftermath of the OJSC Airlines Flight 3054 hijacking. A Mongolian rebel during a battle in west Mongolia, White House bombing of 1995
Participants People of the Soviet Union
Location Soviet Union
Peoples Republic of China
Date February 1993-April 1998
Result End of the Mongolian Republic
Establishment of the Mongolian peace transition

The Mongolian Crisis was a series of hijackings, terrorist attacks, and conflicts during the Mongolian rebellion. With this they're would be sanctions to the Mongolian Republic, including no recognition from the UN and the major powers (US, UK, France, China, etc). The attacks we're mostly in Soviet territory, but there were few in the Peoples Republic of China. The most deadliest attack were the OJSC Airlines Flight 3054 hijacking and White House bombing of 1995, The OJSC Airlines Flight 3054 hijacking killed over 253 Soviet civilians, and injured over 450 more. The White House bombing killed over 23 civilians plus 2 politicians.