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Mongolian People's Republic
Mongolia (Stalinless)
Official language Mongolian
Capital Ulanbator
Head of State Prime Minister Donduk Kuular.
Establishment 1924
Currency tögrög
Government Type people's republic
International Membership observer of the All-Soviets Union


Outer Mongolia was an semi-independent country north of China owing its emperor fealty. During the Russian Civil War, it was occupied by waring groups of White Russian and Chinese Nationalists forces until 1921 when an insurrection backed by Russia manage to remove foreign troops from its territory. It then manage to conquer Inner Mongolia and its new borders were recognized by Russia and China in 1924.

Due to its agrarian economy, it was felt that the country was not yet ready to be integrated into the All-Soviets Union.


Mongolia is composed of the areas formally known as Outer and Inner Mongolia.

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