Mongolia, is a country situated between Russia and China. It achieved its independence in 1921 as Russia turned to be in that ATL Pro Mongolian instead of Pro-Chinese. The Russians supported actively the independence of the country providing military help and strategic help, but with three conditions, those were:

1- Russian Settlers should displace to Mongolia to make some parts of the country Russian-Speaking by inter-the two countries marriages.

2- Mongolian Alphabet must change its script to Cyrillic alphabet just after the independence.

3-Russian Language will have to be the second official language of Mongolia.

In change of that, the Russian Government should:

-Permit the free entry of Mongolians that wished to emigrate to Russian Territory.

-Help the Mongolian Armed Forces in any conflict caused to Mongolia by a foreign power, thus helping the armed forces to maintain the independence of Mongolia.

- Permit Mongolian immigrants to Russia to establish themselves in the Tuva Guberniya where they will be granted the rights of a Regional Minority in the region.

Russian help made Mongolia become independent in 1921, then the Cyrillic alphabet substituted the traditional mongol script for writing Mongolian language. The Republic of China was forced by Russia and the UK to recognise the independence of Mongolia and not claiming it, to guarantee that, Russian and British Forces will be stationed at the country's border with Mongolia. In exchange, Mongolia recognized the perpetual sovereignty of the ROC over Inner Mongolia with the condition that it will be an autonomous region.

British observers were sent to Mongolia to supervise the formation of the new republic and to help the Mongolian authorities to convert Mongolia into a modern, democratic state.

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