Republic of Mongolia
Бүгд Найрамдах Монгол Улс
Timeline: New Union

OTL equivalent: Mongolia
Flag of Mongolia Coat of Arms of Mongolia
Flag Emblem
(and largest city)
Ulan Bator
Other cities Erdenet
  others Buryat, Mandarin, Russian
  others Eastern Orthodoxy, Islam
Demonym Mongolian
Government Parliamentary republic
Area 1,564,115.75 km²
Population 2,754,685 
Established November 26, 1924
Currency Tögrög (MNT)
Time Zone (UTC+7 to +8)
  summer not observed
Calling Code 976
Internet TLD .mn
Organizations CSTO

The Republic of Mongolia (Mongolian: Бүгд Найрамдах Монгол Улс, Bügd Nairamdakh Mongol Uls), commonly called Mongolia (Монгол Улс, Mongol Uls), is a landlocked Asian nation bordered by the Soviet Union to the north and China to the south.
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