In 1241 Ogodei, son of Genghis Khan and the Great Khan of Mongolia, dies of alcohol poisoning. Both his grandsons, Batu Khan and Guyuk claim his throne. However Batu is conquering the states of Eastern Europe, leaving his home base in Central Asia undefended. Under his mother's influence Guyuk launches a massive surprise attack against Batu's home, destroying his cities and slaughtering his citizens. Upon hearing the news of this Batu immediately plans to return and defend his home however the other Khans have allied themselves to Guyuk and Batu realizes that returning home now is impossible. Instead, he gives a grand speech to his soldiers, informing him that their home is gone and that they will have to make a new home in the strange new land called Europe. Inspired by his speech and driven by the loss of their home, the Mongol Horde rallies and prepares its invasion of the West.

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