Ikh Mongol Uls
The Mongol Empire
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Mongolia, Eastern russia
Alternate Mongol Flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Mongolian Expansion no lines
Location of Ikh Mongol Uls
Ethnic Groups
  others Xiongnu, Xianbei, Rouran, Goturks
Demonym Mongolian
Government Absolute Monarchy, Khanate
  legislature Khan
Established 1238 (485 AD)
Independence from The Empire of Japan

The Foudnation of the Mongol Empire

The First Mongol Empire was actually founded in the year 698 (55 BC), from the colony that the Japanese Empire held in northeast Asia, and survived until the Great Famine 843 (90 AD) where the starving leadership and people of Mongolia would have likely submitted to anyone who could have offered them food. This Mongol empire would serve as an example and an important cultural event among Mongols for centuries.

The second Mongol Empire was started in 1238 (485 AD) in the New Mamori Shogunate where oppressed, lower class Mongols who frequently worked in dangerous Japanese mines, rose up and by the year 1244 (491 AD) there were eight other shogunates under Mongol control. The old governments were exiled and, with the support of Sinica, the Japanese never attacked the Mongols again, though they also never formall recognized the Mongol independence. In 1254 (501 AD) the son of the Khan married the third Princess of the Sinican Empire and thus eecured recognition in Asia from many of the other coutnries at that time.

Mongolia never attacked the Japanese again until the 1540's when the Great Panic had greatly reduced the Japanese military and the Mongols felt it advantageous to attack. The Mongols had developed industries that they observed being expanded in Sinica and Japan and gained their own industrial economic base. However, due to their limited access to world trade, the Mongols were not as wealthy as other nations but were also not as devastated by the Great Panic. Because of this Mongolia was able to expand for the first time instead of simply exist passively in the center of Asia. This gave Mongolia the spark to become active in the world.

List of Khans of Mongolia

Sartaq 1254-1268 (501-515 AD)


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