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"I will rule them by fixed laws so that rest and happiness shall prevail in the world" - Genghis Khan, First Khan of the Mongol Empire, after being made Khan.

Mongol Empire
Ikh Mongol Uls
Timeline: Knightfall
OTL equivalent: Mongol Empire
. 1206 - Present
CapitalAvarga (1206–35)

Karakorum (1235–60)
Dadu (1260–1368)

Official languages Mongolian, Chinese, Turkic, Iranian
Religion Tengrism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity
Government Elective Monarchy
 -  Great Khan Ögedei Khan
Legislature Kurultai
 -  Empire fragments 1260–1264 
 -  Total 33,000,000 km2 
12,741,371 sq mi 
Currency Various

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