Duke of Modena, Papua, Cabassi Islands and the Antarctic Research Base
Imperial Coat of Arms of Modena
The Imperial Coat of Arms
Isabel I of Modena
since March 7, 1979

Heir apparent: Victor, Prince of Carpi
First monarch: Borso
Formation: 1452
Residence: Ducal Palace, Modena

The Monarchy in Modena has been created in 1452 by Borso, and has since then ruled Modena. Modenese monarchs have always been part of greater monarchy based inside of Modena itself.


Family tree

See Modena Family Tree (1861: Historical Failing).

List of Dukes

  1. Borso (1452-1471)
  2. Ercole I (1471-1505)
  3. Alfonso I (1505-1534)
  4. Ercole II (1534-1559)
  5. Alfonso II (1559-1597)
  6. Cesare (1598-1628)
  7. Alfonso III (1628-1629)
  8. Francesco I (1629-1658)
  9. Alfonso IV (1658-1662)
  10. Francesco II (1662-1694)
  11. Rinaldo I (1694-1737)
  12. Francesco III (1737-1780)
  13. Ercole III (1780-1814)
  14. Francesco IV (1814-1846)
  15. Francesco V (1846-1875)
  16. Maria Henriette (1875-1906)
  17. Maria Theresa (1906-1937)
  18. Lucia (1937-1979)
  19. Isabel (1979-present)

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