Emperor/Empress of Italia
Imperatore/Imperatrice d'Italia
Caesar Italiae
Empire of Italia Flag
Flag of Italia
Empress Vittoria II
Monarchy abolished
Last held by:
Vittoria II

Style: His/Her Imperial Highness
Heir apparent: None
Succession: Absolute primogeniture
First monarch: Marcus the Great
Residence: Imperial Palace of Roma
Titles: Emperor/Empress of Italia
Reigning house: None (previously Caesar and Cantalamessa)

The Emperor or Empress of Italia was the supreme leader of the Empire of Italia. The first Emperor was Marcus I, who unified the Italian states into a unified sovereign empire. The title was originally known as Caesar or Caesarina (and also as Imperator and Imperatrix), though after Italian was declared the national language of Italia in 1756, the title was changed to Emperor and Empress.

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