{{{royal_title}}} of Great Britain
Elizabeth II
Royal Coat of Arms
Elizabeth II
Elizabeth II
since February 6, 1952

Style: Her Majesty The Queen
Heir apparent: Charles, Prince of Wales
Reigning house: Windsor

The Monarch of the United Kingdom  in the 6-2-5 Upheaval Timeline is the Head of State of the UK. The Monarch is either referred to as "His Royal Highness" for male-holders or "Her Royal Highness" for female-holders.

In order to become the Monarch, one must be the heir of the reigning monarch, which has traditionally been the eldest child of the reigning monarch. There is no age restriction associated with the Monarchy, but for Monarchs under the age of 18, a Regent is normally appointed.

Although the Monarchy is largely symbolic, it also holds a good deal of importance to the British people. The entire British nobility, which is headed by the reigning Monarch, is relatively popular.

Every so often, a republican movement is formed, which desires the disestablishment of the Monarchy. Every time so far (barring the Commonwealth of Cromwell), the antidisestablishmentarians protect the highly-esteemed office of the Monarchy.

The Monarch of England is also the Head of the Church of England.

List of Monarchs

See Also: Monarchs Before 6-2-5 Upheaval

Name Picture Birth Children Death Right of Succession

George VI

Albert Frederick Arthur George

King George VI of England, formal photo portrait, circa 1940-1946 December 14, 1895


(Elizabeth II and Margaret)

February 6, 1952

(Age 56)

Son of George V

Elizabeth II

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary

Elizabeth II greets NASA GSFC employees, May 8, 2007 edit April 21, 1926


(Charles, Anne, Andrew, Edward)


(Age 87)

Daughter of George VI

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