Monarchist Bloc
Monárquico Bloc
Monarchiste Bloc
Monarchie Block
Monarşist Bloku
سلطنت طلب بلوک
ملكي كتلة
राजतंत्रवादी ब्लॉक
Motto For ruler and country! (Eng)
Por regla y país!(Spanish)
Pour la règle et pays! (French)
Für Lineal und Land!(German)
Cetvel ve ülke için! (Turkish)
برای حاکم و کشور! (Persian)
لل حاكم و البلاد! (Arabic)
शासक और देश के लिए ! (Hindi)
Type Military Alliance between Monarchial Nations
Purpose/focus To protect the rule of kings and queens
Headquarters Berlin Palace
Berlin, Prussia
Membership Flag of England English Empire

Flag of Iberia-Ireland TE Iberian Empire
Flag of Prussia (1918–1933) Prussian Empire
Flag of Austria-Hungary 1952-present Austrian Empire
Flag of Mexico (1864-1867).svg Mexican Empire
Flag of the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire
Flag of Saudi Arabia Arabian Caliphate
Persian Flag Persian Empire
Admiral-ensign-Indian-Navy Dominion of Madras
Flag of Australia (Cliche World) Dominion of Australia
Flag of New Zealand (Cliche World) Dominion of New Zealand
Flag of Canada (Cliche World) Dominion of Canada

Flag of South Africa (Cliche World) Dominion of South Africa
Official languages English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Turkish, Perisna, Afrikaans, Hindi
Cliched World Monarchist Bloc2

Main members (dark) Affiliated (medium) Dominions (light)

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