When the Red Rebellion arose in Eastern and Northern Europe in the mid 1870s, many monarchies were abolished in favour of a Communalist government. The remaining members of these former governments were forced to flee their nations or face execution.

List of Monarchies displaced by the Red Rebellion

  • House of Hohernzollern (German Empire). Fled to Britain and Portugal, remaining members went into hiding until re-establishment of the Monarchy in 1986.
  • House of Glücksburg-Bernadotte (Scandinavia). Fled to Britain, led the Scandinavian government in Exile from Edinburgh.
  • House of Poniatowski-Saxony (Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth). After fleeing to France and marrying the German dynasty with the remaining Polish princes, the royal family advocated the freeing of Poland from German subjugation. After the Baltic Wars, the Polish royals re-took the throne in 1988 with ATO backing. After the dissolution of the Commonwealth in 1989, a branch of the Royal family split off to rule the Baltic states, while a Polish princess married into a Belarusian member of the Romanovs, ruling over modern day Belarus.
  • House of Romanov (Russian Empire). The Romanovs fled to the former colony of Alyeska, forming a government in exile. After gaining enough support from the citizens and US, Canadian and Quebecois militaries, they took Anchorage and cemented their power as the Kingdom of Alyeska. The Alyeskan government dropped claims on Russia in 1990, gaining official recognition from the new Russian Republic.

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