Queen of the Norse
Viking Queen

Seal of the Monarch
Queen Elsa of the Norse
Elsa II
since 2012

Style: His/Her Royal Majesty
Heir apparent: N/A
First monarch: Thor Helguson
Formation: 860 AD
Residence: Palace of Uppsala
Titles: King/Queen of the Norse
Reigning house: House of Thor

The Norse Empire is a semi-constitutional monarchy, ruled by a monarch. The monarch is called King or Queen. Despite this the nation is called Norse Empire, although if literally translated from Norse to English it is called "Viking Kingdom", which would be a more correct name. The current Queen is Elsa II, who ascended the throne upon her father's unexpected death in 2012. She is one of the youngest monarchs in the world, at the age of 20. The monarchy is elective, the High Council elects the monarch. The High Council consists of the 12 representatives of the 12 provinces and the Leader of the High Council. Queen Elsa II was elected in 2012 with seven votes, her twin brother Prince Thor received only four votes and her aunt Kristiana received only one vote.

Originally, the monarchs had the title of High King of the Norse (ᚷᚢᛞ᛭ᚲᛜᚢᚱ, gud-kóngur, literally god-king). However the title was changed to the more common King or Queen by Queen Sigrid II in 1924 in accordance with the change from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy.

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