The Re-establishment of Monarchy Back into America

This Timeline was based A. R. Tyrner-Tyrnauer's "Lincoln and the Emperors". This factual book describes an actual conceived plot in the mid 1800's to re-establish monarchy back into America through various means. Monarchs in America supported the South in the Ameri
350px-Dell'Acqua Ernennung Maximilians zum Kaiser Mexikos

Maximilian receiving a Mexican delegation at Miramar Castle in Trieste, Italy. He would later go on to become Emperor of Mexico. His empire would later help to establish Monarchy back in America

can Civil War because they saw a divided America as much weaker and thus not as strong to combat their plans. However, history had other ideas, and the North won the war, which kept America together. This stronger America helped to rid the only European controlled country on the continent: Mexico. This eventually foiled the whole conspiracy. My ATL is any other typical ATL, What if the South had won the war? Would the Royal Europeans' plan have succeeded?

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