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Monaco (Great Empires)

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Principality of Monaco
Principauté de Monaco
Principatu de Múnegu
Principato di Monaco
Principat de Mónegue

Timeline: Great Empires

OTL equivalent: Monaco
Flag of Monaco Coat of Arms of Monaco
Flag Coat of Arms

Deo Juvante (French, Monegasque)

Anthem "Hymne Monégasque"
(and largest city)
Language French, Monegasque
Religion Christianity
Ethnic Group French, Monegasque
Demonym Monégasque
Government Unitary constitutional principality
Prince Albert II
Minister of State Michel Roger
Area 2,02 km²
Population 36,371 
Established 1297
Currency Euro
Time Zone UTC+1
  summer UTC+2
Internet TLD .mc
Calling Code +377
Organizations United Nations
 The Principality of Monaco is a nation in Europe and the smallest country in the world.

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