After Mohammed founds Islam, the Byzanites realize the threat to Christianity, so they exile him to Shama Caputa (OTL Sri Lanka) where he takes a boat to Tang Dynasty China. There he writes and speaks the Qur'an, and rides to heaven in Nanjing around 655 AD. The Middle East becomes a highly Christian land. China becomes a Muslim Empire, the Rashaad dynasty, which ruled until 1820. They establish colonies in most of Mexico, until a Radical Raviasim group revolts on July 4 1799 and forms the Texian ravuk Kingdom. On April 9 1821, Ali Mohammed rallies troops and started a rebellion 100,000 strong. His dynasty is short lived, and by 1848, it falls.

Ali Jan

An Islamic republic, The Ali Jan Republic, is established. By 1909, They possess the largest economy and the fourth largest military in the world. On October 29, 1922, the Russian Empire Invades the Israeli Empire and Japan Invades the United Irish Republic. Ali Jan joins the Russian Empire and the North Ravuk Republic, while multiple other nations join the side of Israel. The stage is set for the world war. In the end, Ali Jan controls an area reaching as far as South Persia(OTL Afghanistan). China Prospers from then on, and on 1940, lands a man on the Moon. y2011, Ali Jan invents teleportation. But on January 2, 2012. A Nuclear, and eventually Sun bomb war wipes out Humanity. Except for the Ali Jan puppet state of Antarctica.  Eventually humans colonize Mars. Humanity, Especially the Muslim Han Chinese, prosper because of one mans exile.

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