Moesia Superior
— Imperial Province of The Roman Empire
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Romania, Moldova
Moesia Superior II
Location of Moesia Superior
(and largest city)
Buchorum (Bucharest)
Latin (Lingua Latina)
  others Moesian (Lingua Moesiae)
Religion Roman Polytheism
Ethnic group Moesi
Government Imperial Dominion
  legislature Military Governor

A Short History of Moesia Superior

Moesia Superior was a rather progressive Province for that region. It had more civilized populations than Moesia Inferior and more cultural development and democratic government than their sister Province. However, this all changed after the Second War for the North made Moesia return to an Imperial Dominion. Moesia Superior may have become one of the farthest Sentorial Province if its government did not return to a Military organization as Moesia was very close to the new border with the Cimbrian Alliance, due to this many records have been lost as they were no longer concerned with the progress of the country.

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