A world where Japan Never annexed Korea in 1910.

Note:You can edit if I approve.


  • Korea bribes Japan not to annex them.
  • Emperor Gogong makes the KAF (Korean Armed Forces.)
  • Korea wants to expand. 


  • Korea tries to go to war with Russia to "Liberate Koreans from Russian tyranny."
  • They plan to invade Vladivostok.


  • Korea invades Russia, Beginning of Russo-Korean war
  • Korea captures Vladivostok in five months, End of war.


  • Gogong dies, Sujong takes control


  • WW1, Korea joins allies to take Qingdao.
  • China joins Cen. powers and invades Chongjin.
  • Korea wins Battle of Chongjin.


  • Korea Invades Fushun.
  • Korea and China sign an Armistice, Korea drops out of the war.


  • Korean Revolution against Monarchy.
  • USSR supports Korean Communists.
  • Korea Becomes The CPRK (Communist Peoples Republic of Korea)


  • Korean air force invades Taiwan and Okinawa.
  • Korea signs an Armistice with Japan after Korea invaded Fukuoka and Japan invaded Busan.


  • China Surrenders. T'aipeng and T'aichung becomes Korean.

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