The Earth seen from Apollo 17

Earth as taken by Gus Grissom on the Moon in 1965

(POD-The Korean War)While history have always changed in a way that a few can forcast it, the world since 1945 has changed rapidly, especially after the third World War.

The 20th century after the second World War and the Korean War

The mid-20th century is distinguished from most of human history in that its most significant changes were directly or indirectly economic and technological in nature. Economic development was the force behind vast changes in everyday life, to a degree which was unprecedented in human history.

Over the course of the 20th century, the world's per-capita gross domestic product grew by a factor of five, much more than all earlier centuries combined (including the 19th with its Industrial Revolution). Many economists make the case that this understates the magnitude of growth, as many of the goods and services consumed at the end of the 20th century, such as improved medicine (causing world life expectancy to increase by more than two decades) and communications technologies, were not available at any price at its beginning. However, the gulf between the world's rich and poor grew wider, and the majority of the global population remained in the poor side of the divide.

Large-scale industry and more centralized media made brutal dictatorships possible on an unprecedented scale in the middle of the century, leading to several wars that were also unprecedented. However, the increased communications contributed to democratization. Technological developments included the development of airplanes, exploration and the start habitation of space, nuclear technology, advancement in genetics, and the dawning of the Information Age.

21th century(Post World War III)

The third World War changed the globe political map with the US the sole superpower, having base across the world and on the Moon plus a large base under construction on Mars which is intended to be the jumping station for outside the solar system, With china having itself reunited in the War is a potential Superpower having engage in a Cold War with America since the Beijing accident in 2009. Technology is further and further advance with many see space as the new frontier, similar to how 500 years ago Europeans saw North America. Both the Rpublic of China and the United States of America are racing into space, each believes that space is where they they need to project their spheres of influence.

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