This moderator page has been hereby established by the Head Mod of the Map Game, Romae Delenda Est , in order to update players on reasons for changes, be a voice of player opinion that won't clutter the talk page when one algo has already done so, and for players and moderators to discuss any problems with a players turn, or moderator action.


State of the Game


203 BC

This turn is being posted an hour and a half early, since I won't be on at regular turn times, so those of you who have not posted yet, have about 3 and a half hours to post on the previous turn, rather than the regular 2 hours. Also, for those of you as a Gallic, Britannic, or Iberian tribal nation, I have split these regions up into even more nations to assure that no one person can control over half of the territory with one or two algos, to curb excessive expansion, and to assure fairness between lower tribal states and more civilized states. For your cooperation in this endevor, I have given each of the Gallic, Britannic, and Iberian tribal nations one or two vassal states. For those of you wondering why Germany hasn't been split up the same way, one, for practical reasons, is that the Romans had much less information on the tribes here than they did the Gallic, Britannic, and Iberian tribes. The other reason, goes hand in hand with the previous one, because, without evidence of more historical tribes, I will not make up fake tribes to make it an across the board partition of Gaul, Iberia, Britannia, and Germany, so, in an effort to preserve fairness in a more plausible way, I have decided that it would be fair for the German tribes to be less centralized while holding more territory, making it tougher for them to expand around themselves without having to make up tribes. "SO SAYETH THE EAGLE" - Fascist Eagle ಠ_ಠ (talk)


200 BC (Onwards)

Turns will now normally be beginning at 5pm EST (I'm unsure of the UTC time of that, but I will find it and replace the 5pm EST when I do), rather than 6pm EST, due to time constraints on many days for turns at 6pm EST. Now, also, I will be taking a little liberty in weather and natural disasters (No random earthquakes, volacno eruptions, etc.), in order to make the game a little more challenging for tribes that seemingly have nothing else to do but centralize and expand. This'll break up the monotony of "We do this and that for great power over the tribe. End of Turn", and give players something else to write about in their turns, such as a problem of food scarcity to solve, the trouble of what to do with the sudden influx of refugees, or how to best distribute an abundant crop yield. Simply to make the game more interesting and challenging so that it does not become 1000 turns of boring centralizing.