The Moderate Party of Alaska (Russ: УмереннаяПартия Аляски/Umerennaya Partiya Alyaski), also referred to as UPA (УПА) is one of the ten major Alaskan political parties and is the backbone of the current Center Coalition. As of the 2010 general election, the Moderate Party has the most seats out of any Party in the Duma with 156 of the coalition's 202 seats, and its party leader, Svetlana Karalova, is currently serving as the Premier of Alaska.

The Moderate Party traces its roots back to the late 1960's as a party aiming to feed off of discontent with the corrupt conservative governments and the hard-left idealogy of the liberals, as well as general instability within the Duma itself. After winning a stunning number of seats in the 1969 general election, the Moderate Party would eventually become the powerful "kingmaker party" - its defection to the liberal coalition in 1973 helped bring the liberals to power once again for the next six years, and in 1979, following the global economic turndown, the defection of the Moderates to the conservative coalition helped tip the balance of power, and as a reward Moderate Party leader Aleksey Valenko was granted the Premiership. Following the resignation of Valenko in 1988, the Moderates remained an influential force during the turbulent post-Valenko years, aligning with the liberal coalition in 1992 and 1998, and then forming their own coalition in 2002 along with the Alaskan Expansion Party to create the three-coalition system in place today.

Traditionally, the Moderates have advocated for free market principles, pro-business tax policies, cuts in defense spending and defense reorganization (in particular, shrinking Alaska's land army while expanding its air force and navy), a denationalization of the police force, restraints government stimulus spending, balanced national budgets, an increase in power to the oblasts, nationalizing the public education system, and the increased secularization of the Alaskan government. As many of their idealogies are often compatible with many centrist Alaskans, the growth of their coalition was seen as inevitable by many political observers both in Alaska and abroad.

Members of the Moderate Party are colloquially referred to as "Tigers," with the Alaskan Tiger being the party symbol. Premier Karalova is sometimes referred to as the Lady Tiger or the Tigress.