Special Administrative Region of Byakuren
Timeline: Principia Moderni II (Map Game)
Flag of Miyako (PM II)
Flag of Miyako
Location of Miyako (PM II)
Location in Purple
Anthem "Hundreds of Flowers"
(and largest city)
Minamitsu (OTL Punta Arenas)
Other cities Hata no Kokoro
Miyako, Japanese
  others Ryukyuan languages
Religion Pure Land Buddhism, Mahāyāna Buddhism, Shintō, Taoism
Demonym Byakurenite
Government Special Administrative Region
Chief Executive
Established 1651
Currency Japanese Yen

The Special Administrative Region of Byakuren (白蓮特別行政区; Byakuren Tokubetsu Gyōsei-ku), formerly the Republic of Byakuren (白蓮共和国; Byakuren Kyōwakoku), and also known as Miyako (宮古), is a Special Administrative Region of Japan located in Mononobe (OTL South America).


Miyako was established by Mononobe Atsuyoshi in 1651 and was named after the Miyako Islands.

In 1799, Governor-General Mononobe Nobutsuna was outraged at the Shogun's decision to recognise the Royalist Selk'nam, and soon decided to convert to Pure Land Buddhism. Soon Buddhism took hold of the colony, and independence movements began.

In 1800, Miyako declared independence, as the Republic of Byakuren, also known as the Republic of the White Lotus.

In 1855, Cebu and Mataram launched an invasion of Byakuren. Despite the Byakurenites best attempts, they were unfortunately conquered by them in 1857.

In 1859, Byakuren was recovered and sold back to Japan after the Orissian deal. In 1860, Byakuren was turned into a Special Administrative Region of Japan as well.


Miyako is a Special Administrative Region.

List of Governor-Generals (Colonial)

  • Mononobe Atsuyoshi (1651-1688)
  • Mononobe Yamashiro (1688-1725)
  • Mononobe Haruyoshi (1725-1760)
  • Mononobe Yasumasa (1760-1793)
  • Mononobe Nobutsuna (1793-1800)

List of Presidents

  • Mononobe Nobutsuna (1800-1829)
  • Mononobe Shigemichi (1829-1857)

List of Chief Executives

  • Mononobe Shigemichi (1860-1876)
  • Mononobe Harunaga (1876-1912)
  • Mononobe Nariyasu (1912-1950)
  • Ōkuma Masatake (1950-1975)
  • Yoshiko Shiotani (1975-2002)
  • Ryoko Yonekura (2002-)

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