The Miwok Nation is the Native American nation occupying the oldest settled parts of New Albion. It is also the only surviving monarchy in North America. The official Miwok history begins in 1579, with Drakes' landing at the City. No recorded history survives before this point. The Miwok were automatically made citizens of the New Albion Colony under the Declaration of Dominion. The Miwok were allies of the British colonists, who relied on their knowledge of the land and manpower to fight in the Anglo-Californian War.

List of Kings

The Miwok Nation is a non-authoritative monarchy recognised by the government of New Albion. The Miwok "Capital" is Sonoma, North California.

  • Nanganoma (1570?-1588)
  • Angsinoma (1588-1601)
  • James I (1601-1617)
  • Charles (1617-1632)
  • John I (1632-1653)
  • Francis (1653-1661)
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