PoD: General Pershing keeps his word that American troops won't be ready before 1919. This results in a defeat for France and longer WWI.


Germany's Spring Offensive reaches Paris. Tanks are used to try to drive off the Germans but they fail due to advanced German anti-tank strategies. German tanks such as the A7-V are deployed to battle into Paris. American forces continue to train for open warfare. Into summer fighting around Paris continues with swift German bombings of the city. The Mona Lisa is evacuated to Scotland. German zeppelins continue to raid Britain and begin hitting other French cities.

In Italy Italian and Entente forces drive out the Austrians. Colonel Erwin Rommel is relocated to the Western Front. In Arabia the Ottomans are pressed deeper towards Anatolia. With the battle of Paris raging the Allied southern offensive never kicks off. In Russia the Allied powers declare war on the Bolsheviks. This is met by the whites also declaring war on Germany.

Colonel Rommel performs well in urban combat. German forces raise their flag over the ruins which was the Eiffel Tower. Into Winter France barely holds onto Paris while launching offensives near Verdun and Lorraine.


Germany captures Paris due to Rommel's heroism. Germany begins construction of the Sturmpanzerwagen Oberschlesien tank or the Panzer I. In Russia the Allied forces advance from the Urals into Bolshevik Russia. German troops pour down from Paris into central France. The French government in disarray fall into the hands of the army which begin printing propaganda decreeing, "the first top Paris, the next stop Berlin". This somewhat boosts the morale of the French soldier.

German planes dominate the skies over Northern France. Spain is forced into the war after reluctantly allowing Portuguese troops to cross the border. Italy is forced to send several divisions to France allowing the Austrians to put on the pressure. Austria-Hungary also begins a partial invasion of Greece with German help. The first American troops are put into action outside Lyons which stops the Germans.

On March 7th a German zeppelin finds the main British fleet base at Scapa Flow. Immediately the remnants of the German high seas fleet is dispatched along with 3 zeppelins to destroy the main British fleet. The two fleets converge in a titanic battle. It is a draw as both sides have destroyed each other. The zeppelins are untouched yet due to fuel limitations must ditch and their crews are rescued by German destroyers. The Spanish influenza continues with Iberia taking on the virus. Allied leaders declare the virus a German plague. In Russia the fighting grounds to a halt 200 miles from the mountains. In Turkey British troops seize the rest of Syria and Iraq, so they begin to push into Anatolia itself.


Germany pushes further south. The Allies begin putting defenses up in foothills of the Pyrenees. Under colonel Billy Mitchell the Allies begin strategically bombing Germany. The Americans begin building tanks at home finally. On the Russian front Bolshevik forces under German command breakthrough in the south and reach the Ural river (since the offensive came off the mountains). The British set up Jewish community's in Palestine which causes unrest with the Palestinian community. The Austrian and Bulgarian forces finally launch a attack into Greece.

British troops in Anatolia reach Ankara. With the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine the Arabs who are furious turn against the Allies. They find themselves in a awkward alliance with the Germans. Britain then promises Turk nationals a free Turkey if they fight for the Allies. This causes Germany to send Bulgarian troops to occupy Thrace and Istanbul.

The Italian army receives FT-17 tanks which are used ineffectively. Most of them are destroyed with others breaking down or stalling in the mountain terrain. The Allied advance in Russia gains more momentum. The British troops in Turkey are trapped by the Arabs. T.E Lawrence is captured and executed, other British officers are shot, and British soldiers are murdered. Jewish soldiers are recruited from Palestine to fight the Arabs. Turk troops are also sent.


The Pyrenees Line is completed as the German army tires in southern France. Kaiser Wilhelm II orders his army to rest while more men are sent to the front. In Italy the Austro-German forces push deeper into Italian territory. In Russia Allied forces launch more attacks towards Tsaritsyn. It is decided to use gas weapons on the Bolsheviks. The Allies launch a offensive across the whole front. With no protection Red troops are killed in droves.

With the German army resting, a overzealous General MacArthur pushes forward. The attack is successful in capturing the German lines. The Allies begin a offensive to recapture Paris. The bombing campaign on Germany is still running smoothly. The navies of the Allies finally destroy all submarines left in the Kaisers fleet. The Germans bomb Dover with gas bombs with huge outrage from the British public.

Germany counter attacks with new Panzer II tanks. In the East Bolshevik positions continue to fall. The counter attack in France halts MacArthur's plans. German planes wreck havoc on Allied artillery positions. In this young US artillery captain Harry Truman is killed. In Latin America the Mexican revolution crosses into the USA. US forces are diverted from Europe to defend the homeland. Other Latin American countries see Germany as the winner of the war and side with them. The stalemated sides on either side of Turkey boils over into a Austro-Bulgarian invasion of Allied occupied Turkey.


The war in Europe reverses. German forces push to the Pyrenees while in Russia Allied forces gain more momentum. Spain switches sides for claims on both France and all of Portugal. The Spanish and German alliance quickly crushes the Allies in Iberia. British forces reach Ankara, Central Powers forces deployed to the Ottoman Empire. The Kingdom of Arabia is set up with Emir Faisal on the throne. Japan ignores the Entente and invades China. Meanwhile much of Eastern Siberia is annexed by Japan.

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