Mitt Romney under House Arrest in London, 2012.

Willard Mitt Romney (born March 12, 1947) is an American businessman. Raised in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, by his parents Lenore and George W. Romney. George Romney was the 43rd Governor of Michigan and a successfully businessman.

Mitt Romney entered the management consulting industry and in 1977 he secured a position at Bain & Company. He would serve as its chief executive officer, he helped lead the company out of financial trouble. In 1984, he cofounded and led the spin-off company Bain Capital, an investment firm that became the largest firm specializing in space-based start-ups.

In early 2008 it was discovered that Bain Capital was operating as a Ponzi Scheme and Romney had stolen between $12 and 15 billion dollars USD. Romney is now in Great Britain under "House Arrest" waiting extradition back to the United States.

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