Mithridates the Great
TL:Cupiditate Regni Adductus
Shanshah of Parthia
Pharaoh of Egypt
Megas Basileus of Greece, Macedon, Syria, Epirus, Thrace, Pontus, Pergamon, Bithynia, the Bosporus, and Colchis
Shah of Hindush

An early coin of Mithridates.
Shanshah of Parthia et. al
Reign 57–43 BC
Predecessor Orodes II
Successor Orodes the Great
Spouse Laodice of Commagene
Issue Orodes the Great
Full name
Mithridates III 'the Great' of Parthia
Dynasty Arsacid
Father Phraates III
Born 82 BC
Died 43 BC
Near Kabul

Religion Zoroastrianism

Mithridates the III, 'the Great.' was one of the greatest kings of the Parthian Empire . His careful choices of generals and his taking opportunity of the Collapse of the Roman Republic to bring Parthia from a regional power to the second greatest nation in the world, behind the Han Dynasty . However, many place the cause for Parthian greatness at the feet of Surena


Mithridates came to power when he and his brother, Orodes II killed their father, Phraates III, shortly followed by Orodes' sudden death. The first nine years of the reign proved mostly uneventful, with the exception of Crassus' War .

When, due to Julius Caesar 's death, Rome experienced a massive power vacuum, which Mithridates took advantage of, leading to three years of conquest and the annexation of Natbea , Syria, OTL's Anatolia, Colchis , the Bosporus , Thrace , Macedonia , the Ptolemaic Kingdom , Qahtan and Gerrha-Mazun . He then turned east, and conquered the Pahlava Kingdom .

Mithridates foolishly wanted to go on and attack the Yuezhi , but the troops would go no further. After a furious debate with Surena, Osakes

and Prince Orodes, Mithridates rode back to his tent in fury, but fell off his horse and died.

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