The history of the Mississippi Falcons (officially referred to as Ole Miss Falcons) football program, occasionally nicknamed The Fightin' Falcons or Red, White and Gray, includes the formation of the program, its winning history (13th winningest program of all time), 9 undefeated regular seasons (and three completely undefeated seasons - 1960, 1962, 1984), __ Southern Conference titles ( ), and 1.5 national championships (consensus national champion in 1962, and stakes a partial claim to the 1984 national championship).

Early History

Conference and National Championships


Head Coaches (Modern Era)

Current Coaching Staff

  • Jack Davis - Head Coach
  • Mike Monahan - Offensive Coordinator/Assistant Head Coach
  • Petey Edwards - Defensive Coordinator
  • Julious Everridge - Quarterbacks Coach
  • Ronald Mills - Secondary Coach
  • Luke Jones - Defensive Line Coach
  • Frank Simmons - Offensive Line Coach
  • Gordy Heeley - Wide Receivers Coach
  • Ed Foss - Running Backs Coach
  • Mike Fenway - Tight Ends Coach/Special Teams Coordinator

Recent History



Mississippi State


See: The Gentleman's War


Bowl History

Hall of Fame and Retired Numbers

Hall of Fame

Retired Numbers

Only three players - all quarterbacks have had their numbers retired by Ole Miss. 1984 Bosch Trophy winner Rick Johansson (14) and 2001 Bosch Trophy winner Julious Everridge (5) have had their numbers retired, as has Archie Manning (18). Despite being the first Ole Miss player to win the award and the quarterback and team captain of the 1962 national championship team, Jack Brantley (12) refused to have his number retired, stating instead "I want every young man to come through these halls to think of me when they wear my number on their back." Despite this request, no quarterback since Brantley was worn the number 12.


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