State of Mississippi
— State of the United States of America
Timeline: Alternity

OTL equivalent: Northern Mississippi and Alabama
Mississippi 2001 flag proposal Mississippi-StateSeal
Flag of Mississippi Seal
United States map - Mississippi (Alternity)
Location of Mississippi in the United States
Capital Aberdeen
Largest city Birmingham
Other cities Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Decatur
Language English
Ethnic groups
White (non-Hispanic)
White (Hispanic)
  others Native American, Black, Asian
Demonym Mississippian
Government Representative
  legislature State Legislature
Governor Kirk Fordice (R)
Population 4,082,600 
Admission December 1819
Currency USD
Time zone Eastern Standard
  summer Eastern Daylight
Abbreviations MS

Mississippi (MS) is a state located in the Southern United States. It was admitted to the Union as the 23rd state on December 10, 1819 and shares borders with Tennessee to the north, Georgia to the east, West Florida to the south, and Louisiana and Arkansas to the west, across the river for which the state is named. Birmingham is the largest city in the state, while the state capital of Aberdeen (pop. 100,000) is the fifth-largest.

Mississippi was a major grower of cotton in the US prior to the Civil War, and was the first state to secede from the Union in 1861, and became one of the founding members of the Confederate States of America. During the war, the Mississippi River was the center of a Union campaign headed by General (and later 17th US president) Ulysses S. Grant, who laid siege to and captured the Confederate stronghold at Vicksburg in neighboring West Florida. Mississippi was also the last to be readmitted to the Union, in 1866, and underwent radical political changes in the latter half of the 19th century, which included two new state constitutions, and the typical Jim Crow laws of the era that restricted the rights of blacks. In the 1950s and 60s, Mississippi was a center for the Civil Rights Movement and the scenes of protests by now-legendary figures such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Part of the state's true legacy, on the other hand, comes from the invention of five popular and/or mainstream music types (gospel, country, jazz, blues, and rock and roll) that, to this day, are composed and listened to by Americans nationwide.


Mississippi is subdivided into 32 counties, of which, the 10 largest are listed below in order of population.

Mississippi county map (Alternity)

Map of counties in Mississippi.

Rank Name County Seat Population
1 Jefferson County Birmingham 715,000
2 Elk County Huntsville 369,000
3 St. Clair County Riverside 240,000
4 Cherokee County Hokes Bluff 230,000
5 Georgia County Dadeville 210,000
6 Decatur County Scottsboro 203,000
7 Shelby County Alabaster 195,000
8 Fayette County Tuscaloosa 185,000
9 Hancock County Jasper 175,000
10 Leon County Coldwater 167,000

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