Destruction of Mortis


Rescue Alissa Vitzana and stop Haladna Thanda


13 December 1113 ABC


Ysilum Palace, Chrelytium


Escape of Haladna Thanda
Jo Synesthia and Seth Skyson un-petrified


The Ones
Sendi Order

Haladna Thanda


Caspian Virtanis
Cadence Zash
Sylvia Valorum
Sky Nadast

Haladna Thanda


10 Chrelytians
1 Sendi Grand Master
1 President

1 Chrelytian

Civilian casualties

Ysilum Palace slightly damaged

“You fools, you risk the fate of the entire universe to save your friend?! Now you will endure a billion years of pain and solitude, just as I have done!”
~ Haladna Thanda
Following the capture of Alissa Vitzana, The Ones with the help of Sendi Master Sky Nadast and President Sylvia Valorum, returned to Chrelytium after more than a billion years, to save their friend.


On 12 December 1113 ABC, Alissa Vitzana, a member of The Ones was en route to Vankora for a concert. Her ship was nearby planet Chrelytium and Haladna Thanda sensed her presence. With her enormous Force pull she let the ship crash on the planet and took Alissa hostage, though she tried to resist. Alissa was quickly defeated by the overwhelming power of Thanda. She contacted the The Ones with a hologram-projector, saying that if they wouldn't come to save her, she would suffer the same fate as her friends Jo and Seth, who were turned to stone by Thanda a billion years ago. Though initially hesitating, Luke Skyson said he wouldn't let anything happen to one of his friends again, the others agreed and left Mortis for the first time in a billion years. Seeing this might be a dangerous and intergalactic-important mission, they informed the President of the Intergalactic Republic, Sylvia Valorum and the Sendi Grand Master, Sky Nadast about their plans. Sky Nadast said he would join them in their mission and President Valorum said this as well, though she was not a Sendi herself.


They arrived the following day and immediately went to the Ysilum Palace, where Alissa was being held hostage. They walked straight into her trap. Once they were inside, Thanda appeared and sealed the door, preventing anyone from escaping. She threw all of them against the wall with a strong Force blast. She mocked and laughed them for their ignorance of risking the fate of the entire universe for the life of one single person. Her sister Terra immediately attacked her out of rage, but was quickly defeated despite her best efforts. Sky Nadast was the second to attack and attempted to strike Thanda with his lightsaber, casually dodging his attacks, disarming him with the Force and subsequently choked and immobilized him by throwing him against a wall. The others attacked all at once. Luke attempted to hit Thanda physically and flew towards her while Asami and Noa generated an energy beam to strike her. She countered every blow Skyson delivered towards her and absorbed the beam, redirecting it towards Alissa, who managed to block it with a shield but was nevertheless thrown backwards against a pillar by the sheer force. Then she unfroze some of the ice in the palace and conjured a large water jet at Luke, who was thrown against the ceiling. Caspian and Cadence proceeded to simultaneously attack Thanda with lightning at her left and right respectively, but Thanda countered them both with a stronger lightning, electrifying them both. Asami then attempted to kick her, but Thanda blocked her attempt and engaged her in a "Force duel" which Thanda won and Asami was thrown against the throne. Jensen and Ashton threw her hard against a pillar, which angered Thanda and she generated two large energy beams which knocked them both unconscious. Noa and Declan then made a last attempt to stop her by generating a large ball of energy, which they threw at Thanda, but she grabbed it with her right hand and threw it back at them, knocking them both against a higher part of the wall behind the throne. Sylvia was the last one standing and Thanda conjured lightning which she directed towards her, Valorum attempted to stop it with both her hands and managed to do so for a few seconds but was quickly defeated. After defeating all of them, Thanda proclaimed they would suffer her fate which she was forced to endure for a billion years, leaving the palace and sealing the door with a very strong barrier.


“We are all doomed, this is the end of the universe as we know it.”
~ Luke Skyson realizing Thanda's escape
 Following Thanda's escape, The Ones tried to break the seal by combining all their powers at once and overloading the barrier. They failed in this attempt and were forced to stay in the palace. Frustrated with their inability to keep the balance in the universe, some of them started to argue with each other. Alissa tried to cheer everyone up by saying positive things and telling jokes, but Jensen scolded her, causing her to cry and Asami comforted her. Noa said they were getting divided by their enemy and said they were supposed to be there for each other, not opposing each other. Terra blamed herself and became hopeless. Luke stood beside his wife, who was turned to stone and began talking to her, saying he was sorry he couldn't save her and that he had failed his friends, even though he wasn't sure if she could hear him. Cadence also went to Seth's statue, she had feelings for him, but never had the chance to admit them to him. Luke and Cadence held the statue's hands and shed some tears while retrieving old memories. Through the act of honesty, hope, friendship and love, the curse of Thanda was broken and Jo and Seth found themselves alive again, though they were never actually dead. The others also saw this and reconciled with them. At then end The Ones engaged in a group hug and with the full power of the twelve, they managed to break the barrier and escape from the Palace. However, all would be eventually in vain when Haladna Thanda destroyed Mortis, even when The Ones begged her to do not so.

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