The Mirians are one of the five advanced species that control Planet Earth. A highly evolved, intelligent race, Mirians began migrating eastward 1.5 million years ago, once they had fully differentiated from the other species. They settled in the tropical regions of Southeast Asia, as well as the more temperate regions of northern China. As they evolved, they developed remarkable skill in boat-building and navigating, allowing them to begin exploring the Pacific Ocean around 20,000 BC in light sailing vessels. By 15,000 BC they had settled Japan, the Philippines, and most of Indonesia. In 13,000 BC they began settling on the Pacific coast of North America, where Thallians were already living. The Mirians wisely chose to avoid the northern regions of the continent, and migrated southward to populate the rest of North and South America. About 6 feet tall and 200 lbs, the Mirians have very little hair on their bodies and subsist on a diet of plants and fish, but no other meat. They have developed advanced agriculture and hold the world's most powerful navy. A military and economic superpower, the Mirians hold more territory than any other race.

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