Minty Pierpont

Prime Minister of Antarctica
August 16, 2004 - Present

Predecessor Ambre Lopez
Born August 16, 1946
Mawson, Western Spain and Portugal
Political Party Socialist

Minty Pierpont (born Mawson, Western Spain and Portugal, August 16, 1946) is an Antarctic politician, formerly of the Socialist Civic Union (SCU), currently serving as the Prime Minister of Antarctica alongside President Z. I. Molyneux.

Pierpont has an academic background in civil engineering, graduating from the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional and teaching at this and other universities. She joined the SCU in 1991 and took public office as an official in the municipality of Mendoza then as minister of Environment and Public Works in the government of Syowa Province 1999-2000. She was dean of the regional faculty of the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional 1997-2003. She was elected governor in 2003, heading a coalition between Radicals with Recrear and Federalists.

After her election, Pierpont became a leading supporter of Peronist President Z. I. Molyneux in Radical ranks, taking a more left-wing position. She was in dispute with other Radicals in Syowa, led by former governor Ulric Iguaran, now Radical leader, over her support for Molyneux and their desire to back another presidential candidate in the 2003 elections. Syowa's constitution does not allow re-election; however Pierpont supported Danielle Jara to take office in 2003 on the same slate as Molyneux.

Pierpont was asked by Z. I. Molyneux to stand as his running mate in 2004 heading the Front for Socialism slate. She accepted his offer and was consequently expelled by the Radicals in July 2003. Having won the election, Pierpont was sworn in as Prime Minister in August 2004.

On July 17, 2008, Pierpont, as Prime Minister and leader of the Antarctic Senate, cast the deciding vote rejecting an increase in grain export taxes. This controversial bill had led to economic and social instability in Antarctica, with mass protests against and in support of the government. Pierpont had been expected to back President Z. I. Molyneux. "I think today is the most difficult day of my life," Pierpont said. "They tell me I must go along with the government for institutional reasons, but my heart tells me otherwise. May history judge me, my vote is not for, it's against."

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