Minnesota was the 32nd state in the United States of America. It was carved out of the eastern half of the Minnesota Territory and became a state on May 11, 1858. Its capital was the city of St. Paul, and the largest city, immediately adjacent to the capital, was Minneapolis. Minnesota was the 12th largest state, and had a population of 4.1 million in 1980, with about 60% of those people living in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area.


Minnesota was struck by three nuclear war heads on Doomsday. Minneapolis-St. Paul was stuck by a warhead somewhere in the range of 1 megaton. The city of Duluth was struck by one somewhere between 200 and 500 kilotons which also destroyed the neighboring city of Superior in Wisconsin. The strike on the air base at Grand Forks, North Dakota, with a weapon in the same range as Duluth, destroyed neighboring cities in the state as well. These strikes blanketed much of the central areas of the state in radioactive fallout. Much of the former state remains abandoned, or is in various states of anarchy, but several states have formed out of the carnage or expanded into the region.

Minnesotan Successor States


Assiniboia is a Canadian survivor nation based in the town of Niverville, inside the former Canadian province of Manitoba, which took over small parts of the former States of Minnesota and North Dakota along the Red River Valley, north of the Grand Forks blast zone, in the years after Doomsday. These areas were sparsely populated Pre-Doomsday, and remain so today.


The American survivor nation of Superior, based in the Upper Peninsula of the former State of Michigan, has expanded to encompass much of the coasts of Lake Superior and Lake Huron, including the former Lake Superior coast of Minnesota, excluding the zone around Duluth-Superior, which remains too irradiated to settle. The coastal areas of the former state of Minnesota are territories of the Republic and are sparsely populated, outside of a few small, scattered settlements, farms and military-government outposts. Much of this area remains underpopulated, and will likely not be fully integrated into the Republic anytime soon.

International Falls

The Minnesota Ontario Mutual Defense Treaty Organization (More commonly referred to by its capital, International Falls or by the nickname, the MOM Group) is a large state that occupies much of what was once north-central Minnesota, the Arrowhead Region, and Ontario west of Thunder Bay, excluding areas claimed by Superior and Assiniboia. It encompasses the cities of International Falls-Fort Frances, Baudette-Rainy River, Bemidji, Red Lake, Dryden and Kenora.


Olmsted is a Christian theocracy based in the old city of Rochester in Southeastern Minnesota. It follows biblical law as laid down in the Old Testament. It controls all of former Olmsted county and parts of adjacent counties. Ongoing attempts by International Falls to establish a relationship with Olmsted have so far been not very successful, but International Falls hopes to establish official relations with Olmsted by 2012.

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