The Churat, the common word for the Ministry of the Churat (Ministrie de Churat), is the primary vehicle of state security and foreign intelligence in the French Empire. The modern Churat's roots go all the way back to the shadowy 19th century organization from which it draws its name, although the modern Churat is in fact a mostly public-realm entity, despite occasional evidence that there is still a secret arm.

The Churat is responsible for collecting public intelligence overseas, covert operations both foreign and domestic, and for the security of the French Empire at the national level. It is the largest single-entity governmental employer in the world, employing over 3,500,000 people in the Empire proper, its colonies and in embassies (official statistic).


Modern Day Structure

The Churat has five primary branches as per reforms in the 1950's by Sebastien to modernize the organization:

Département de Sécurité Intérieure

The Department of Interior Security

Département d'Intelligence Étrangère

The Department of Foreign Intelligence

Département d'Enquête Impériale

The Department of Imperial Investigation

Département de Services Diplomatiques

The Department of Foreign Services

Département d'Administration de Ministère

The Department of Ministry Administration

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